I am an experienced educator with a commitment to mentoring first generation undergraduates, and a track record of engaging in collaborative teaching endeavors and in designing assessment that fosters students’ critical thinking, writing, and research skills. I have led courses and seminars on the histories of colonial Latin America, Ethics and United States since 1865, and Race and Slavery in the Atlantic World. Broadly, my teaching centers the histories of African, Hispanic, and Lusophone worlds, and explores how these regions contributed to knowledge formation and histories of ideas in Europe and North America. In particular, I ask students to question often-engrained assumptions about the formation of the western world and its intellectual traditions. For example, students consider how colonial subjects in the Spanish empire – including free black and indigenous American populations – shaped empire, religion, and science through daily practices and litigation, and reflect on the historiographical and societal stakes of a Western Tradition that rarely accounts for how people in the Southern Atlantic shaped its corpus.

My teaching fields span Colonial and Modern Latin America, the Greater Caribbean, the African Atlantic world, African Diaspora, Early Modern European History, and history of thought.

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